Scholarship Opportunities

Since 1923, our National Society has been awarding scholarships to help students attain higher education and achieve their career aspirations.  Information about our 28 scholarships is provided on both the DAR public and member websites. There are a variety of scholarships for students pursuing different areas of study such as history, education, nursing, medicine, science, math, and law. Our scholarships are funded by endowments from wills and gifts—not member dues.  DAR’s scholarships are awarded and judged without regard to gender, race, religion, national origin, or disability. The total number of applications received for the 2019 – 2020 scholarships was 6,434—an astounding 54-percent increase over the prior year’s applications. The dollar amount awarded was more than $250,000!

Students and members can ask specific questions about our varied scholarships or the application process by contacting National Vice Chairs via scholarship-specific emails found on our public and member Scholarship webpages.  State and chapter chairs are also available to help! Please note, the online application system includes scholarships offered by the DAR Scholarship and American Indians committee only.

Important Scholarship Application Information:

  • Scholarship applications for the 2020 academic year will be accepted Thursday, August 1, 2019, through Saturday, February 15, 2020, at midnight (Eastern Standard Time).
  • Students will enter and upload all of the required scholarship application information using the online application process (e.g. personal statement, transcripts, activities, proof of citizenship, and if required—their financial-need information).
  • Individuals providing letters of recommendation will be able to submit their information confidentially through the new online application process.

Please click HERE for the application portal.