Welcome to the Maull House

The Maull House was built ca 1739 by local carpenter Samuel Paynter. He sold the house and land to River Pilot, Luke Shields in 1741. Shields later married the widow of John Maull, another River Pilot who lived next door.

The house ultimately came into the possession of the Maull family in 1836 when Thomas S. Maull purchased it at a sheriff’s sale. From that time until the 1950s, subsequent generations of the Maull family lived in the house. In 1959, when the house was threatened with demolition, members of the Colonel David Hall Chapter raised funds to buy the house and return it to its pre-Revolutionary condition.

The images, clockwise from top right are: the front of the house, the original best bed-chamber that has been converted into a dining room, a view of the main room out to the canal, a painting of the house (with the water in the wrong place), the Fountain of Youth and another corner of the hall in the original hall-and-chamber plan of the first floor.